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Nurturing enquiring minds is at the heart of life and learning at Arena Academy.

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“I would like to introduce myself to you as the Headteacher of Arena Academy, and to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing our school: welcome you to our very special community.

“Nurturing enquiring minds is at the heart of life and learning at Arena Academy. All students are encouraged to explore their individual talents and skills, and helped to develop their own particular strengths. Here, learning does not stop at the door of the classroom and we believe strongly in the benefits of participation across a wide range of extra-curricular activities, after school clubs, sports teams and leadership through the school student council.

“For parents, supporting your child through attendance at key events such as Parents’ Evenings is essential, but we would also encourage you to take a keen interest in everything your child is doing and supporting events and initiatives in school. Our SIMs Parent App will keep you informed of your child’s achievements, behaviour and homework in real time.

“We are aware of how precious your child is to you as parents and carers, and I assure you that Arena Academy is truly a special place where each child is known and valued as an individual. This level of pastoral care, which is excellent, is only possible through the commitment of the experienced and caring staff and through the support we, as a school, receive from you.

“I hope you find the information you are looking for on our website and hope that it gives a flavour of what is so special about our school.

“May I finish by saying how much I am looking forward to meeting you and your child, and working together in the future.”

Mr Mann


The KS3 curriculum intends to:

  • • Promote an enjoyment/love of lifelong learning.
  • • Develop students’ hooks so that they are capable of conceptual understanding.
  • • Promote depth of understanding over superficial recall.
  • • Develop the ‘whole child’.
  • • Promote students’ employability/readiness for the world of work.

Year 7 students will study Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, French, Art, Music, Drama, Design and Technology, PE and ICT.

At Arena Academy, we support and challenge children of all abilities and needs to ensure that they achieve their potential. Targeted intervention will be provided at any stage when needs exist to ensure that our students excel and become the best version of the person they want to be. Staff members in the High Attainers, SEND, Student Support and Inclusion Teams work hard to provide a personalised learning experience that caters to students of every ability and need, to ensure that they thrive throughout their time at Arena Academy.

Arena Academy is committed to working alongside parents and carers to offer students the best possible school experience. Regular home-school communication is vital to support Year 7 students through this transition. Parents and carers can expect:
• To receive three school reports – one each term.
• A Year 7 Settling in Evening, where parents and carers are invited to meet with their child’s Form Tutor.
• Letters sent home, and posted on our school website.
• Regular staff contact – text messages, phone calls or meetings.
• Regular updates from Arena Academy on our school website, Twitter and Instagram.
• Year 7 Parents’ Evening.

The average class will have 30 students; however class sizes can vary dependent upon the ability and needs of the students. In core subjects such as Maths, English and Science, lower sets can have between 10 and 20 students, to ensure that all students receive personalised learning support to achieve their potential.

Your child’s Form Tutor will play a vital role in supporting them through the Year 6-7 transition and throughout their time at Arena Academy. Students will be encouraged to speak to their Form Tutor in the first instance, if they have any questions or need support. Our team of teachers and support staff are friendly and approachable, we always encourage students to speak to somebody if they have a query or need help.

Please find the details of key staff members if you have any questions or would like to share information about your child:

Mrs C Kilroy – Deputy Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead
[email protected]

Mrs S Wain – Deputy Head Teacher
[email protected]

Mr M Newman – Assistant Head Teacher
[email protected]

Mr J Pyatt – Assistant Head Teacher (KS3)
[email protected]

Mr J Parker – Director of Inclusion
[email protected]

Mrs K Whitehouse – Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
[email protected]

Mrs E Sinclair Student – Welfare Team
[email protected]

Mrs K Bhamra – Attendance Officer
[email protected]

Miss L Davey – Medical Team
[email protected]

Miss C Hall – High- Attainers Coordinator [email protected]

If you plan to drop off and collect your child from school, we ask that you do so by the school gates or further down Beeches Road. Please do not walk up to the student entrance of our school. We have a small staff car park at the front of the school that gets very busy in the mornings and after school.

Yes! There are bike racks by the student entrance of Arena Academy, available for students of any age to use. We recommend that students use a bike chain to secure their bike throughout the school day.

Students do not have access to a locker and will need to carry their school bag and other belongings around the school building. Students may be able to leave their coat and PE kit in their Form Tutor’s classroom during the school day, however this is at the Form Tutor’s discretion. Our staff members teach in a variety of classrooms, so cannot always ‘look after’ students’ belongings during the school day, therefore we recommend that students keep their belongings on them at all times.

If you child has lost a coat, bag or any other item they should go to our school reception or the medical room, where the lost property is kept. They should also tell their Form Tutor or teacher that they have lost that item. We recommend writing your child’s name on all uniform, PE kit and coats so that these items can be easily returned if lost. Our staff members are very busy during the school day and unfortunately may not have time to help you or your child look for a lost item.

Your child will be given a two-week lesson timetable which will state the subject, the teacher and the classroom for each of their lessons. We operate a one-way system in Arena Central, which is the main area of our school and where most of our corridors are accessible from. Students will quickly learn where each of their classrooms are, but they can always ask somebody if they are lost. Teachers and older students are always happy to help direct a Year 7 student to their classroom!

Your child can attend a wide range of extra-curricular clubs during lunchtimes and after school. The PE department run a variety of sports clubs such as football, basketball, netball, fitness, dodgeball, cricket, athletics, badminton, table tennis and handball. Students can also attend lunchtime clubs in our Art, DT and ICT departments and an after-school games club in the library. We encourage students to get involved in as many areas of school life as possible, as we aim to develop the ‘whole child’.

Year 7 and 8 students will spend their lunchtimes together; Years 9, 10 and 11 will have their lunchtime at a separate time. Year 7 students will have their lunchtimes from 1.25pm – 2pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays and 12.50pm – 1.25pm on Thursday and Fridays. Students can bring a packed lunch or buy food from the school canteen. They can spend their social times in Arena Central, the school playground or the canteen.

Students can buy a meal and a drink for £2.30. Some students bring extra money to buy breakfast or a snack at break time. Arena Academy operate a cashless canteen. Parents can upload money on to their child’s Parent Pay account online, or students can add money to their account using the two machines found in Arena Central. Students then use their fingerprint or a 4-digit pin number to pay for their food in the canteen.

There is a wide range of food available to buy from the school canteen before school and at social times. Breakfast is served from 8am and students can enjoy toast, waffles, sandwiches and other breakfast items. At breaktime, students can buy sandwiches, fruit, cakes, cookies and drinks. At lunchtime, there is a variety of hot and cold food available. Students are able to buy chicken, fish, burgers, wraps, pasta, curry, jacket potatoes, chips, rice and sausage rolls. The meat served in our school canteen is not halal, however are vegetarian options are available. We cater for students with specific dietary requirements and encourage students to speak to the catering team about these.

There is more information regarding Free School Meals here.

Learn more about the school uniform here.

Arena Academy students are required to wear smart shoes to school – trainers, pumps or boots are not allowed. We advise parents not to spend money on shoes that could be classed as trainers, pumps or boots, as they will need to buy a new, suitable pair of shoes in September.


You will study lots of subjects in Year 7 at Arena Academy such as Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, French, Art, Music, Drama, Design and Technology, PE and ICT. You will have different teachers, have different books and be in different classrooms for every subject.

Learn more about the school uniform here.

There is a wide variety of hot food served in the canteen at lunchtimes, such as fish, chicken, burgers, wraps, pasta, curry, jacket potatoes, chips, rice and sausage rolls. We also serve sandwiches, fruit, cake, cookies and drinks. Of course, you can always bring a packed lunch. We also serve breakfast from 8am every morning.

You can sit in the canteen and eat your lunch, or spend time in Arena Central or on the school playground. There are lots of activities you can take part in at break and lunchtimes too! You can take part in sports clubs, play basketball on the playground and football on the AstroTurf with your friends. You can also take part in lunchtime activities in the Art, DT and ICT departments.

You will have a list of preparation tasks in your planner, for each subject over the course of a term. Your subject teachers will set you a preparation task and tell you when the deadline is – it is important that you write this down so you don’t forget! You can find out more about homework on the homework page.

It is important that you bring a sturdy bag to school with you, to carry all of your books and equipment. Every day, you should bring a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener and your student planner. You will also need to pack your school books, any preparation and specific equipment for your lessons, such as PE kit.

There are a lot of things that you need to remember when you start secondary school, so it is very important that you get yourself organised! You will be given a student planner where you will write lots of important information including your lesson timetable. You need to bring your student planner to school with you every day!

You should sort your uniform and pack your school bag every evening, so that you are not in a rush in the mornings. It is a good idea to check your timetable every evening too, so that you know you have definitely packed everything you need for the next day. On different days of the week, you might need to pack a reading book, schoolbooks, preparation, PE kit or ingredients for cookery lessons!

It is also very important that you give yourself enough time to complete your preparation, it can be stressful if you leave it to the last minute! If you are walking, cycling or taking the bus to school in September, you might want to practice your journey to Arena Academy with a family member during the summer holidays, so that you know how to get to school and who you will be travelling with.

Students at Arena Academy have lots of opportunities to go on school trips! We run rewards trips every term for students with exceptional behaviour and an end of term trip where you pick the destination! You could also visit Normandy, Rome, New York or go skiing in Serre Chevalier, France.

You can bring your mobile phone to school, but it must be switched off in your school bag during lesson times. It is your responsibility to look after your mobile phone. If you are using your mobile phone incorrectly (such as using it in lessons or making a recording of another student) then your mobile phone will be confiscated. You are not allowed to use headphones during the school day and should not bring a tablet or any other expensive device into school.

Starting secondary school can be very daunting, especially if you don’t know anybody going to your new school. But please don’t worry! There are lots of other people feeling the same as you and will want to make friends. Be friendly and say hello to everybody you meet, get involved in as many activities as possible and you will find that you have made lots of new friends by the end of the first week!

There are lots of people you can speak to if you have a question or need to talk. Your Form Tutor is somebody who you will see every morning – they will be there to help you with anything that you might need. You can also speak to your Head of Year, Mrs Chance and Mrs Sinclair in the Student Support team, or any teacher that you want to talk to! You will find that the older students are also very friendly and will be happy to help you!

If you have lost your bag, coat or planner, you should retrace your footsteps to see if you have left it in a classroom or an area of the school. Ask around – one of your friends might have picked it up by accident. If you still can’t find the item, see if it has been left at the school reception. It is important that you write your name on all of your belongings so they can be returned to you.

We do not want any Year 7 students to get a detention! If you are given a detention, your parents will receive a message to let them know when the detention is taking place. Detentions are either 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours long and take place in the canteen every day after school.

During your first few weeks at Arena Academy, you might get lost trying to find your new classrooms. Teachers will not shout at you if you get lost, but they will encourage you to be prepared! If you are not sure where a classroom is, you can ask a teacher or an older student and they will be happy to help you!

It is very important that you are on time to school every day. If you arrive late to school, you will be given an after-school detention on the following school day. Make sure that you get yourself prepared the night before, set an alarm and leave your house with enough time to travel to school.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, you can ask our Head Students. Email your question to [email protected] and check back here for the answer!

In conjunction with our partners at PiXL and Birmingham City Council, please find below links to help support your child with the transition between primary and secondary school.