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We ensure that all young people at Arena Academy have opportunities to develop the following employability attributes:

  • Invest in themselves, recognise their own strengths and values and take responsibility for developing their work readiness, skills and behaviours (Self-motivated)
  • Have the tools and skills required to present themselves to a future employer (Self-assured)
  • Have high aspirations for themselves (Aspirational)
  • Understand the opportunities available to them locally and beyond, and to make realistic choices (Informed)
  • Have experiences of work that are rewarding and fulfilling (Experienced)
  • Achieve qualifications valued by employers (Achieving)
  • Understand that employers want people who will work hard and are accountable for their actions (Accountable)
  • Understand that employers want young people who can listen and learn from their successes and their mistakes and keep going (Resilient)
  • Work creatively to achieve their potential and that of the business (Entrepreneurial)
  • Have effective communication and co-working skills (Co-operative)