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Our Academy

At Arena Academy, we ensure that our students learn and develop in a safe, happy, vibrant and welcoming environment.


Our Arena Academy is a school of opportunity where all our students develop, succeed, and thrive. In our theatre of dreams, aspirations are built and achieved regardless of any obstacle that may come our way. It is in our Arena that we create our keys to success and unlock the doors of our future arenas that await us.  

We hold the same beliefs for all our students: 

  1. In our Arena we collaborate and succeed by working as a team
  2. In our Arena we develop by taking on new opportunities
  3. In our Arena we care by respecting and looking after each other
  4. In our Arena we achieve by giving 100% in everything we do.

I look forward to welcoming you and becoming a part of our Arena.  

Mr R Mann


The Senior Leadership team work together to raise standards in the classroom, lead by example and ensure great communication. 

Raj Mann – Headteacher

Claire Kilroy – Deputy Headteacher

Susan Wain – Deputy Headteacher

Sabir Afzal – Assistant Headteacher School Improvement

Karen Curtis – Assistant Headteacher Quality of Education

Katie Guest – Assistant Headteacher Behaviour and Attitude

Katie Whitehouse – Assistant Headteacher SENDCo