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Fundamentally, we believe that great teaching is about good relationships, with a classroom culture rooted in mutual respect and trust. We also don’t believe in gimmicks – our approach to teaching is based on the most reliable research.

Research on human cognitive architecture over the last 30 years has tentatively begun to unpick how we learn the things that we have not evolved to pick up easily. We want students to be able to expand their practically limitless long-term memory, to then be best placed to use their working memory to solve problems they will face in and out of school.

A mixture of well thought out teacher led explanations, modelling of processes and techniques, coupled with targeted questioning, guides students through complex, challenging topics. Followed by lots of deliberate practice, both guided and independently, with regular feedback from the teacher, this is what constitutes the most effective way to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Our aim is for students to know more, remember more and do more.