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“Today I am going to be telling you all about Arena Academy. I am going to start off with saying Arena Academy is an amazing school with fabulous opportunities to take part in, that are open to all students.

“Arena Academy is a welcoming school to all new pupils. I can ensure you that you will have a fantastic time at here at Arena. I as a Year 7 student took part in some amazing tasks. For an example, I took part in an Arena Action Group. Here I made lots of new friends and enjoyed it lot. In the Arena Action Group, we picked up litter around the school to make it a better environment. I also took part in an after-school club, which was Drama Club. Here we could act know a bit about other people and make friends, who have similar interests as you. Turning up at a club is a great way to make friends and even learn a bit more about the schools. Even now during the lock down, I am taking part in a Debate Mate Club, where we debate about lots of different topics. All these clubs are also a great way to raise your confidence. We also have many sports club that are a great way to keep fit and are lots of fun.

“All of our teachers at Arena Academy are welcoming, inspirational, passionate and very helpful. Here at Arena Academy, I as a student feel comfortable to talk to a member of staff when facing difficult times and always without a doubt they will help straight away and that is with all teachers. Our teacher at Arena are very supporting and open to any new ideas. You can also count on them for anything.

“When I first started Arena Academy, I felt nervous and worried, however I made new friends and took part in many extracurricular activities. Arena Academy offers many amazing trips. At the start of Year 7 in October I was able to go on a residential trip, which made me more familiar with other students and teachers. Arena Academy also does many productions and lets any year group audition. Being a part of the school production is great fun and you can make lots of new friends.

“I can honestly say that Arena Academy is an inspirational, passionate, supportive, and welcoming school. Arena Academy has really boosted my confidence since I first joined, and I am really appreciative for the school I go to. This is a happy environment to go to everyday and before lock down started, I always looked forward to coming to school every morning. Arena Academy has amazing opportunities that you should all take part in. Here at Arena we accept any ideas and we will always support you all the way from Year 7 to Year 11. You will enjoy Arena Academy a lot and be thrilled at what you can take part in.”

Kind Regards,


“Dear future Arena Academy students,

“I understand that you might be very afraid right now, so was I when I had to go into year seven. At first it will be a bit scary, and you will not know where to go, but after a couple of days, it will get easier.

“This is your first leap into independence, make sure to celebrate and not worry about it! All the students and teachers here are always willing to help if you ever need some so never be afraid to ask.

“I really hope that you love it here just as much as I do!”



“Dear New Students,

“I know how you feel, I know that you feel a great amount of pressure and feel like the sky is going to collapse on you, but it’s nothing like that.

“When I first started at Arena, I was terrified but I knew some friends would come with me yet I have made many new friends on the way so even if none of your school friends come you will always have a friend in your new school in me. When you join this school it’s a bit daunting and a bit confusing because of the timetables and all of the classes but as you go on with your year you will soon get used to it. By carrying your planner around school you’ll properly memorise all of the rooms, it will be like second home.

“One of my favourite things about Arena Academy is the food and especially the delicious waffles that I have for breakfast and I think you should really try them. Another amazing thing about Arena Academy is the teachers, the teachers are extremely nice, and it is not POSSIBLE to not have at least one brilliant or kind teacher. In addition, if you are lucky you could get one of the best teachers as a form tutor, Mrs Noone.

“All I can say now is good luck and I look forward to see you all, looking smart in you new blazers and remember to have fun.”

Best regards,


“Dear New Students,

“I know that this must feel like a very strange time, you have not had the opportunity to come and spend the day at Arena Academy like we did. I just wanted to take the time to write and tell you of my experiences that might help with any fears or worries that you have.

“I remember my first day, getting dressed into my new uniform, which felt so different from junior school… I mean a tie what, how, thank goodness for parents. I walked into the building with a knot in my stomach. School was so big and there were so many other kids walking around and they all knew where they were going, and I wasn’t sure if I remembered where the toilets were (turns out I did). I found my form class and sat down, looking around at all these new faces that were going to be in my class for the next few years and didn’t know how I could remember all the names (still not sure I do).

“Meeting all the new teachers over the next few days was daunting and at times I felt a little lost and wished I could go back to juniors where it was easier and less scary, and where you stayed in the same classroom all day, there’s a lot of walking from room to room.

“However, as the days went on, I began to feel more settled and welcome to the school, I found where I was going easier, I made friends and discovered people were just as nervous as me and that made me feel less anxious.

“The lessons are harder than primary but go at your pace and you will find it not too hard, always ask if you need a bit extra as I have found that all the teachers just want to help and support you through. If you feel as though you need some extra support your form tutor is there to guide you.

“I would say if you can, go on the PGL trip as this is a great opportunity to bond and try new activities that you may not have tried before, it’s also a good way of building friendships with other people in your year.”

Yours Sincerely,