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Our view on homework is that it should stimulate curiosity and encourage students to explore learning independently. We do not always believe that homework should contain a deadline and a consequence if not done, however, we recognise that occasionally there is a need for this approach across subjects. With this in mind, some of the homework your child will be set will be compulsory, and some will be independent study: 

  • Compulsory homework – This will come with a deadline that must be met. Failure to hand this work into the class teacher will result in a reflection. 
  • Independent Study – This is homework that will be set without a deadline. This is additional work that will support the progress of learners beyond the classroom. 

Although we have removed deadlines (and consequences) for some of the homework set, our expectation is that all students engage with and complete all homework set for them and we ask for your support to reinforce this message. We will never issue a sanction to a student that finds the homework difficult, however the onus is on the student to seek support from their subject teacher prior to the day of the deadline. We are keen for students to develop independence, ownership of their learning and good study habits that will last with them beyond their school experience. We believe that we can achieve this through a balance of both a compulsory and independent study. 

This academic year, all homework will be set via Microsoft Teams. Each Monday, every subject will set their homework for the week. Students can access this by logging into Teams using their school account. Within Teams, students have been added to a year group homework page. On this page, each subject will be listed alongside a description of the homework task and whether it is compulsory or independent. The tasks may range between pre-reading in a particular subject area to the use of a computer software programme to check knowledge and understanding. If your child is struggling with access to Teams it is their responsibility to inform their Head of Year during form time. Alternative arrangements can be made for those students facing barriers to access, this will be addressed on an individual need basis by their Head of Year. 

One of the many benefits of using this system is that as a Parent/Carer, you are able to see exactly what deadlines and independent study your child has each week for homework. This will enable your child to use their school planner to organise their week accordingly around existing commitments, using their time more efficiently.  

Mrs K Curtis 

Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning & CPD