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Arena Academy’s vision for Digital Information Technology (DIT) is centered on providing learners with a robust foundation of technical knowledge and skills in vocational contexts throughout Key Stage 4. The DIT award emphasizes data management, interpretation, presentation, and protection, complementing traditional GCSEs and expanding learners’ understanding of diverse progression options. Through our curriculum, we strive to cultivate students’ digital thinking and creativity, empowering them to break down complex problems and devise efficient solutions.

We are dedicated to instilling a deep understanding of computational theory and emerging technologies while offering hands-on experience in practical programming to bring their ideas to fruition. As a result, our students graduate as digitally literate individuals well-prepared to navigate and excel in an ever-evolving technological landscape. The overarching curriculum intent is to furnish students with transferable skills essential for success in our technologically driven world.

Our Teachers

  • Mrs Sandhu – Head of Department

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification