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At Arena Academy, PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) is considered paramount to our students’ personal development, health and well-being. PSHE helps students to develop life skills to ensure they are well prepared to respect and contribute to the wider society and life in Britain. High expectations are set for the promotion of tolerance, understanding and appreciation of the diverse communities in which we live.

Arena Academy’s PSHE curriculum is designing in conjunction with government guidance and the PSHE Association to ensure our pupils are equipped for success during their teenage years and later in life. Our bespoke PSHE curriculum provides age appropriate and sensitive support for our pupils to allow them to explore and learn about themselves and the society that they are part of.

The table below outlines the curriculum map and concepts covered within our PSHE curriculum (subject to change) under the three main themes: ‘Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Living in the Wider World’, as recommended by the PSHE Association.

The themes of PSHE are delivered and addressed through

  • Form time activities
  • PSHE collapsed days
  • Weekly assemblies
  • Cross curricular links within other subjects

We want students to access accurate and reliable information which can be discussed and explored within a safe environment. We want them to understand the social and emotional differences between passive and aggressive behaviour, and assertive behaviour, whilst helping to build their skills in self-expression to articulate their thoughts positively and clearly. We also want students to have confidence, to build resilience, to be active within their community and have the tools to make a positive difference, always believing in themselves and having high aspirations.

Overall PSHE helps students to identify, empathise, discuss and apply issues to real life that affect young people within our community and the global society we live in today.