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Following a creative curriculum, we have a desire for students to foster a love of Maths, in particular problem solving as they continue to have a lifelong love of the different aspects of the subject. Our purpose is to develop the knowledge hooks of our curriculum that allow students to gain a clear and deeper understanding of Maths in today’s society and consider the importance of Maths in the future. This development of knowledge with the embedding of key skills required for the subject will allow students to gain autonomy in critical thinking and conceptual understanding in all forms of Maths.

Here at Arena, we believe that Maths needs to encompass the whole child and therefore opportunities are provided to learn outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to make mistakes as part of their learning journey building resilience and independence while applying key concepts and skills. It is vital that students have a readiness for the world of work and are confident to reason and problem solve through their learning in Maths.

Our Teachers

  • Miss K Blackwood – Head of Maths
  • Miss K Guest – Teacher of Maths, Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs P Gogna  –Teacher of Maths / Assistant Head of Maths
  • Mr R Singh – Assistant Head of Maths
  • Miss Arwa Hazem – Teacher of Maths
  • Miss W Chowdhury – Teacher of Maths
  • Mr M Zahoor – Teacher of Maths

Mathematics Learning Journey

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification