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The Year 7 curriculum is designed to introduce students to the key concepts of art with a focus on the visual elements and recording. Students will creatively explore each visual element and be introduced to the concept of visual language. Students will engage with critical sources including cultural art as well as historical and contemporary portrait artists. 

The Year 8 curriculum has been designed to further key skills covered within Year 7 such as contextual and critical thinking, the creation of more developed responses, more complex techniques and the combining of materials. Each termly SOW has a historical and a contemporary focus to ensure that learning is both meaningful and current. There is a greater focus on personal responses and visual language. 

The Year 9 curriculum is designed to provide an insight into an industry-based practice such as photography, architecture, ceramics or printmaking for example. Students will engage with both 2D and 3D practices and focus on developing ideas following the study of critical sources. The course comprises two half termly blocks. The curriculum has had to be adapted for online learning due to restrictions with resources and equipment. Online learning has engaged with photography outcomes as well as an identity focus as these are more accessible themes and techniques for home learning. 

The Year 10 curriculum provides students with more independent choice in the theme and direction of their work with guidance and facilitation from teachers. Students will complete a smaller unit of work in the Autumn term to build skills in Photography as this is a new discipline for students. This also provides opportunity to engage with AQA Assessment Objectives and project structure. The curriculum follows a logical order from initial responses to recording and then to critical study. From Spring term, students will begin their sustained unit where they can direct their own work within a broader theme of ‘Portraiture’. 

The Year 11 curriculum allows students to continue their sustained project and focus on the development and refinement of their ideas. Students are guided to make informed and meaningful choices and to demonstrate more advanced skills as their project progresses. Students will record the journey their work takes in visual and written forms. 

Our Teachers

  • Miss L Freeman – Head of Art.
  • Mrs H Noone – Teacher of Art and Photography.
  • Mrs K Whitehouse – Teacher of Art and Photography

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification