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The GCSE Physical Education (AQA) option at Arena Academy intends to offer students the opportunity to explore PE within both the practical element (40%) and the theory elements of Physical Education (60%). The aim is to give students an insight into health and fitness, the factors affecting sporting performance and the social and cultural factors affecting participation through sport and PE. The course will allow students to reflect upon their strengths and developments within sports they are interested in and provide an opportunity to link theory to their own personal sporting interests. 

Theoretical topics that students will study include:

Anatomy and Physiology, Movement Analysis, Physical Training, Sport Psychology, Socio-cultural Issues, Health, Fitness and Well-being and using Data

These topics will expand the knowledge that students have surrounding sports and fitness and develop a greater understanding of the science linked to physical education.

The range of sports for assessment at GCSE level  such as netball, trampolining, handball, football and athletics will look to further develop students practical skills and performance to a competitive level. This is in the hope that they develop a greater love for a variety of sport and progress their fitness levels for life-long participation in physical activities. 

Our Teachers

  • Mrs Allen – Head of Department
  • Mrs Joyce – Teacher of PE / Head of Vocational
  • Mr A Stephens – Teacher of PE / Head of Year
  • Mr Joyce – Teacher of PE

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification