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Foreign languages have a vital and indispensable role to play in the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum. Igniting students’ curiosity and love of other cultures and equipping them with the tools to express their own ideas in another language is a precious opportunity, to be highly valued by all. The MFL curriculum at Arena Academy is intended to open doors and open minds by encouraging students to discover and develop an appreciation of other languages and cultures whilst deepening their understanding of their own. The curriculum provides a solid basis for students to learn a love of and curiosity for foreign languages, developing both the breadth and depth of their knowledge which will enable them to both understand and communicate effectively with someone from a different linguistic background.

Currently, there is a huge demand for suitably qualified linguists, as clearly stated in the British Council’s recent report Languages For The Future: “All should recognise that the UK’s language deficit remains a threat to our overall international competitiveness, influence and standing in the world, as well as to our citizens’ ability to play a meaningful role in the global economy in an increasingly networked world”. Enabling students to thrive and succeed in a truly globalised world, therefore, remains one of the key contributions of foreign languages to the school curriculum. 

Our Teachers

  • Dr Savage – Head of MFL Department

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