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Studying BTEC Sport gives students the opportunity to explore difference aspects of the sporting industry. The course is aimed at those who have an interest in sport. It features a combination of coursework and an exam. The areas of the course look at fitness, practical performance, principles of training and leadership.

Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise

This is an exam which tests your knowledge on fitness, fitness testing and principles of training. It also explores health-related fitness and skill-related fitness.

Unit 2: Practical Performance in Sport

Play two different sports and learn about the rules, regulations and scoring systems.Once you have participated in two sports and performed skills, techniques and tactics you will review your performance.

Unit 3: Applying the Principles of Personal Training

Design a personal fitness training plan to suit you, whilst learning about the musculoskeletal system and the cardiorespiratory system. You will perform the training plan and look at the effects as you do this. Once you have had a go you will review your training plan.

Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities 

An ideal unit to develop your coaching and leadership skills. You will be taught about leadership and you will plan and deliver sessions of your own.

Our Teachers

  • Mr A Taylor

Key Stage 4

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