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The curriculum in History at Arena Academy is designed to be broad, covering a range of periods, as well as engaging and intellectually stimulating.  It has been designed to be ambitious whilst still meeting the needs of all students.  In History we aim to develop future historians, developing their skills for future learning and enjoyment.

As a department, we aim to provide students with opportunities of core knowledge which ensure students remember the content in the long-term, as well as integrating broader, hinterland knowledge, ensuring progress and successful outcomes for all.

The curriculum is designed to instill confidence in students to debate and discuss their knowledge, feedback in a way that is progressive, as well as nurture the disciplinary knowledge required in History, all whilst fostering a passion for the subject.

Elements of our curriculum have been tailored to our students to ensure that their own culture, traditions and history is covered, allowing others to learn and develop their own understanding of the world around them.  It is also designed to introduce students to experiences they might not have available to them such as trips to historically relevant sites.

Ultimately within the History department we aim to help students become confident learners and developed young adults who are prepared to lead, make informed decisions and communicate effectively.  Our History students will be able to reflect and adapt and become critical independent thinkers.

Our Teachers

Mr D Hart – Head of Department

Miss S Van Deventer – Teacher of History / Head of Year

Miss H Cusack – Teacher of History / SEND Champion

Mr G Skidmore – Teacher of History

Five Year Learning Journey