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In Geography, students will gain a coherent understanding of the human and physical geography of the world.

As students begin to understand our role as global citizens in an interconnected world, we will seek to inspire their curiosity and develop their knowledge further whilst learning about Britain’s historical Geography and the wider world. 

Geography at Our Arena seeks to develop their geographical knowledge through local studies of Birmingham and the rest of the UK, to in depth studies of China, Africa and the Middle East with specific case study examples within each section.

Geography at Our Arena also develops key skills in our students including hands-on fieldwork skills as well as increasing our students’ graphical and numerical skills through data presentation. We are proud to say that Geography at Arena will address misconceptions and challenge stereotypes, promoting vital character development through empathetic investigations of key country enquiries.

Our Teachers

Miss J Laurent – Head of Geography

Mrs T Bensley – Teacher of Geography, Trainee SENDCo & Medical Lead

Miss S Fletcher-Fields – Teacher of Geography

Mrs S Taj – Teacher of Geography & Head of Year