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We have a desire for students to foster a love of English, in particular, storytelling, as they continue to have a lifelong love of the different mediums of the subject. 

 Our determination to develop the knowledge hooks of our curriculum allows students to gain a clear and conceptual understanding of how English was, how English is today and to consider what English will become in the future. This development of knowledge with the embedding of key skills required for this subject will allow students to gain autonomy in critical reading and a passion and flair for the creativity of the written and spoken form.  

It is vital that students have a readiness for the world of work and the English department focuses on the articulation of both verbal and written communication as we understand the need for students to leave Arena Academy being confident and concise in 21st Century literacy. 

Our Teachers

  • Mr L Amos – Teacher of English
  • Mrs R Bangar – Teacher of English
  • Miss F Ellis – Teacher of English
  • Miss M Khatun – Head of English
  • Mrs K Rowles – Teacher of English
  • Mr D Zs – Teacher of English
  • Mr M Lowe -Teacher of English
  • Miss N Yesmin – Teacher of English

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification